Mount Nemrut

As our van continued on, we eventually began a steady ascent. Our day had been full of historic and factastic sites, yet we still had not seen what we came for. We were nearing our destination– Nemrut Dağı, or Mount Nemrut. The driver parked the van and we set out. Although we were not trekking the entire 7,000 foot mountain, there was still a ways to climb to reach the summit, and we were now in a race against time. We had lingered over our çay a bit long, and there was no time to spare. We wanted to be at the top for sunset.

Mt. Nemrut location

UNESCO World Heritage Site

We started with the East side

Climbing up

There’s no escaping the view

Higher and higher

A bride-to-be (or just a model in a wedding gown) at the top

The incredible view


Ancient stone heads

the East Terrace

A very precise immitation

View from the summit

Most of our group at the top

Stealing a kiss from a very wise old head

Our group then made our way to the other side of the mountain, where we discovered throngs of people just hanging out. There were more heads, and photos were being taken, but mostly people were scattered upon large boulders, just relaxing. We soon realized that everyone was here waiting on the sun to set. I’m not sure if it was the altitude, the mountain air, or the Efes we brought up, but rather than being annoyingly touristy and crowded, this gathering of people atop a mountain in Southeastern Turkey was really lovely. We were all gathered here to witness a glorious sight, and we all knew it. We were gazing out at a view many people in this world never see, hanging out with stone heads that knew where to settle. It was beautiful.

A man-made mound


The West Terrace

Enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine

The Heads of Nemrut

A donkey working his way up

Hannah & Caroline

The sky is on fire

Sun setting

and setting…

The heads after dark

Bill & Jeremy

The moon over the mountains

The moon

Darkness envelopes the mountain


One thought on “Mount Nemrut

  1. This blog got me teary. Your photos are spectacular ~ your words eloquent . What a lovely experience ! I always think that Sunrises and Sunsets are such a daily gift from God ~ and we should regularly take the time to savor the majesty . You’ll never forget that setting sun on Mt Nemrod; nor will we because of your exquisite photos and narrative .

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